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Tales from my Stethoscope

A South African paramedic's true stories of life on the road and in the emergency room. Entertaining. Touching. Shocking. With a dash of quirky humour.

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Author: Bruna Dessena


Sit down and buckle up as you read these stories of the streets from a paramedic’s point of view.

In Tales from my Stethoscope, Bruna, an Advanced Life Support paramedic with more than 26 years’ experience, takes you behind the scenes of accidents, sudden illness, shootings and human revelry­ gone wrong. You’ll experience the fun and excitement­ of Johannesburg on a Saturday night … but you’ll also go to the lonely places where old ­people suffer in silence­ and children aren’t properly­ cared for.

You’ll read about running a clinic on a mine in deepest Africa and being­ the resident­ paramedic on a geo-survey ship plying the waters around the globe. You’ll fly helicopters over cities praying that the patient survives, and you’ll be there in the middle of farming country helping to amputate a leg caught in a harvester.

If you can stomach the drama, the blood, the grief, and the quirky humour used to get through harrowing situations, you’ll get to the end of these tales with a deeper understanding of the human condition and renewed admiration and gratitude for those who listen and act when we call out in distress.


What others say ...

"Having worked the streets of Brixton myself and had the pleasure of seeing Bruna in action from my first day as an observer, I can honestly say that Bruna's book is spot on the mark in describing the way of the paramedic and the town called Johannesburg. I loved her apt descriptions - they had me screeching with laughter. However, what touched me was that even though I'm blessed to know Bruna as a friend, I experienced another aspect of her that made me feel like I've not before taken the time to truly know her. She has shared so honestly, with such empathy, humility and forgiveness. I'm a better person for having worked at Brixton, being exposed to the multi-faceted lives of people in JHB. I thank Bruna for reminding me about this blessing & presenting it so completely."

– Colette Van Heerden, KZN


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