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Buying a business Med

Retrenched or tired of your job and thinking of going it alone? Don't think of starting or buying a business without reading this guide first!
By Peter Bond


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Messenger CoverLRG

Get your relationship back on track by understanding the patterns and pay-offs that keep you locked in cycles of unhappiness and frustration. Already 2000 copies sold.
By Dyan Belonje


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land rent jobs cover thumb small 1

Our Land Our Rent Our Jobs

Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs abounds with new ideas ... they must be debated, for only in this manner can a solution to the crisis be found.”

dr thami mazwai

With a foreword by Nobantu Mbeki

Land rent can provide jobs for all if we just collect it instead of taxing those who create wealth or seek merely to survive. This rent, or the locational advantage of each piece of land, is owed to the community, whose grant of security of tenure enables the owner to enjoy its man-made and natural advantages. Rent has been a phenomenon since the time of the Physiocrats and Adam Smith, but its potential has been ignored and the world has got lost in an economic jungle of its own making.

This book is based on a very simple proposal: replace most taxation with collection of land and other natural resource rentals. It shows the way to the broad uplands of prosperity for all, and explains why it is time for us to talk about rent!

It taps into the current debate in the media and economic and political circles around resource rentals in South Africa, and outlines practical steps that can be taken to a different tax regime. This book is highly relevant and topical, and offers much to stimulate further debate whilst offering something positive and workable.

runaway comrade sml

Runaway Comrade


Bob de la Motte is best remembered for his epic duels in the ‘80s with nine-times Comrades winner, Bruce Fordyce. Who can forget the 1986 Comrades where, following the legendary handshake 14km from the finish and running 5:26, De la Motte was narrowly beaten by the unstoppable Fordyce. Both runners broke the 1984 record of 5:27.

De la Motte has written Runaway Comrade against the backdrop of SA in the politically charged ‘80s in honour of the Comrades Marathon and some of his less fortunate fellow South African runners. “Many of these trail-blazing black distance runners from the apartheid era have simply disappeared; their triumphs ignored and possibly forgotten by those who should be honouring them,” says De la Motte.

The Genius Programme Cover Front Thumb Small

The Genius Programme

Just as our computers and electronic devices need software updates to keep them performing at their peak, so does the human brain. As we make our way through life we adopt thought patterns, belief systems and attitudes – habits of thinking – that run automatically in the background, affecting our behaviour and the choices we make. While some of these ‘programmes’ are helpful, others are disfunctional and outdated – they undermine our self-confidence, stifle our creativity, and limit our true potential. And worse, we’re often not aware of them! The Genius Programme is a simple yet powerful programme designed to help you identify and free yourself from habits of thinking that no longer contribute to positive development in your life.

TWISTED Cover Thumb


TWISTED is a true life shaped into fiction story of vulnerability, courage, and the art of making a living in the sex trade. Shocking, raw, explicit, funny yet never sentimental. A must-read! Warning: Adult Content.

In the corrupt economy of post-Soviet Ukraine, opportunities are scarce. Young and eager sisters – Natalia, Lena and Julia – harbour dreams of a better life. Naïve, and tempted by the allure of ‘quick’ money, the girls set off on an adventure that changes their lives forever.


Can You See Me Naked Thumb

Can You See Me Naked?

This book is written by a woman, for men, in an effort to speak for the feminine voice. Men are invited to see the world from a female perspective and understand the hidden needs of women. Adele answers questions men have in relationship, including why nothing they do seems to make her happy, and to inspire women to experience their purpose inside relationships. If you are wondering if you are in the right relationship and whether your expectations are realistic, this book is for you. The book has four parts: What it means to be in a conscious relationship; how roles work for gender needs inside an evolving relationship; the triggers of female transformation; and a practical guide on how to support specific areas of female needs.

Mandela Last Message Thumb

Nelson Mandela's Last Message to the World

A Conversation with Madiba Six Hours After His Death.

Just 6 hours after his death, the soul of Madiba visited the author, Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, to leave a message of hope to the world. In this unique book, Madiba also shares some insights into African and world affairs, and proves that there is an afterlife and that Souls have no colour.


Cultures of Limpopo

This book is the result of the research project that focused on the cultures of Limpopo – namely Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Sesotho ba Leboa and Sendebele –conducted by researchers in the School of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Venda, situated in the Limpopo province, South Africa. Apart from collecting, promoting and preserving aspects of these cultures, the project prides itself in being at the forefront of documenting AIKS in the area. Our informants includes indigenous leaderships, cultural activists, other AIKS researchers and people from the rural villages in Limpopo; especially those who still practice indigenous cultural customs. A deliberate attempt was made to harness the historical facts as articulated through oral traditions of the people.

Forgiveness Cover Thumb

Forgiveness: Your gift of love to yourself

We have all suffered at the mercy of others who are not living consciously. We all experience situations that deeply challenge us to forgive. It is part of being human. We know we need to forgive, but we don't always know how. We try to forgive, and we say or think we have, but we continue to revisit our old stories and sour our present experience with negativity. Mastering forgiveness is a vital component of our human experience. It is integral to living a life of balance and harmony. This book is a journey to your soul. You will be taken by the hand and led through the layers of misperception, lies and half-truths that are the barriers preventing you from letting go. Power and passion will return as you cut ties with the past, heal your hurts, and finally forgive and walk free.

unleash your magic sml

Unleash Your Magic

This book contains proven strategies to help liberate the amazing power within! The magic of the Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting can never be adequately conveyed by the written or spoken word. One really has to experience this magnificent event. Ideas and concepts contained in this book have been shared with audiences throughout the world, with dramatic results and demonstrate how we can take charge of our lives. The author implores readers to live their lives with purpose, and through this book, you will have access to the material he shares to motivate and inspire international audiences.


Curry Me Home...again

Dive in and indulge in the delicious, fragrant and simple recipes that will please "foodies" from all walks of life. You may have seen celebrity chef Yudhika Sujanani whip up magical meals in minutes with her designer shoes and diamond earings, but this "Curry Queen of Bling" will definitely have you licking your fingers and asking for more. Yudhika believes that creating wonderful meals requires innovative flavours and food combinations, combined with common sense and experience. She has a distinctive style and is not afraid to experiment.

Saporetti Cover Front Thumb


A biography of the remarkable life of Cleto Saporetti, Italian Prisoner of War in South Africa, who became a highly successful poultry farmer and health-promoting philanthropist through the founding and establishment of the Rustenburg Health Hydro and the Cleto Saporetti Foundation. Cleto's work through the Hydro and the Saporetti Foundation took health promotion services and activities to many thousands of less priviledged members of the Stellenbosch community. He was knighted by the Italian Government in recognition of his contribution to the people of South Africa without ever forgetting the land of his birth.

Invincible Thinking Cover Thumb

Invincible Thinking 2millionbadge

Life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through this rock. When we practice this way of thinking, we will never feel defeat in our lives. Invincible Thinking is based on practical theories and it bridges the ideas of self-reflection and progress. By reading, savouring and practising the philosophy in this book, and using it as your own power, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat – only success. Published and released in South Africa for the first time.

From the international best-selling author of "The Laws of the Sun",
Ryuho Okawa

Unshakable Mind Cover Thumb

An Unshakable Mind 1000bookreleases

Life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through this rock. When we practice this way of thinking, we will never feel defeat in our lives. Invincible Thinking is based on practical theories and it bridges the ideas of self-reflection and progress. By reading, savouring and practising the philosophy in this book, and using it as your own power, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat – only success. Published and released in South Africa for the first time.

From the international best-selling author of "The Laws of the Sun", Ryuho Okawa

mld cover sml 1 The South African Multilingual Dictionary

The South African Multilingual Dictionary (the SAMD) is a groundbreaking publication in the field of basic communication and language enablement. While other similar dictionaries have contained more than two South African languages translated from one to the other and back, and there have been dictionaries covering all South Africa’s eleven languages in separate volumes, the SAMD is the first to offer interactive translations of all eleven South African languages in one volume.The ease of use and accessibility of the SAMD make it an exceptionally powerful language tool. The translation of the English entries into the indigenous languages of South Africa have been performed by leading language practitioners, ensuring the quality and reliability of the SAMD.

Against All Odds Cover Thumb

Against All Odds

Each on of us possesses a unique gift, and it is no accident we are here right now, living this life. Just as it is our responsibility to identify and bring our special gifts to the world, so do we deserve the happiness, success and prosperity that is rightfully ours, just by being who we are. This book is Ronnie's personal motivational gift to you - a guiding hand when you need it most; someone who believes in you even when you don't; compassion and encouragement when you think no-one understands or cares; a clear sense of direction when you feel lost. By Ronnie Letshabo


The Gift of A Thousand Words

We all know the adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words." But, we might ask, if we are given a thousand words, do we then have a picture? In this literary instance, yes; Akon Metu, published author and poet, frames a remarkable array of life's situations in words that create corresponding vignettes - and, sometimes, as in her poem, "The Splendour of a Thousand Suns", a corresponding silhouette. By Akona Metu

Noble Intentions Cover Thumb

Noble Intentions

School teacher, Vuma Sithole, has high hopes and ideals. He aims to be the best husband, father and educator he can be. But being the “best teacher” soon becomes a challenge, for the school at which he teaches is plagued by drug-dealers. In his attempt to help, he unwittingly becomes implicated. As the drama unfolds, Vuma finds he has to make a choice - to feel or to think ... By Minenhle Mbuso Nene



The Polygamist

The Polgyamist weaves a tale about four women whose lives become intertwined when they fall for wealthy banking magnate Jonasi. Seemingly indomitable, and oozing money, power and sex appeal, Jonasi is about to complicate their lives forever.

Told in a gripping, accessible and somewhat shockingly frank style, Sue Nyathi takes readers on a journey beyond the bedroom door of a polygamous man and his four Mrs Rights. Yet lurking below the surface the question remains: is this kind of marriage practice really legitimate in a society plagued by HIV/Aids?

Smart, sassy and sexy, The Polygamist shows that sometimes marriage isn’t what you envisioned – rather than being a secure refuge it can be a battlefield!

More about the author ...


Blue Star and Lionheart

Blue Star and Lionheart is a moving story of love, courage and hope, with the aim to educate children on the universal connectedness of all life. This book, written by psychologist and speaker Bea Potgieter, is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 7 years. Read more about the book and author, and follow the interview by Elmari de Vos in Sarie Magazine.

More about the author ...

squashbook cover Small

Squash with the Pros...

SQUASH with the Pros... contains all the information needed to play a good game of squash, from instructions on the basics and guidelines on specific shots, scoring, court craft for singles and doubles, training and how to go about playing matches. It also includes topics on the mental component of the sport, which is important in playing a winning game.

Publisher Kevin Brunette of South Easter Communications gives some background to the with the Pros... range of books and how they came about.

More about the author ...

MOCKE surfskicover Thumb

Surfski with the Pros...

SURFSKI with the Pros... provides information that paddlers at all levels can use to improve their skills, helping you to progress from the moment that you put your ski on the water for the first time to the day when you are ready to compete in an event.

The book draws on the experience of Dawid Mocke and Nikki Mocke, who have both played a major role in the evolution of surfskiing around the world.

Publisher Kevin Brunette of South Easter Communications gives some background to the with the Pros... range of books and how they came about.

More about the author ...


Bloodlines Baggage Cover Thumb

Bloodlines & Baggage

New from the author of My Life as an Apple Tree, this simple, yet powerful guide, is filled with practical wisdom and processes that you can use to free yourself from limiting baggage passed down through your family and past generations. This work changes lives and is described by many as miraculous. It is the result of a collaboration between Colleen-Joy Page and Pam Roux.

ArchitectureHPO Thumb

The Architecture of High-Performance Organisations

The architect of a high performance company should be fully conversant with the typical causes and stages of corporate decline, the crisis points in the life-cycle of organisational growth, how to build corporate capabilities, the major stages and intervention strategies towards high performance and finally, the characteristics of wealth creating societies. This book will equip the business leader with these core competencies. By Pieter Bronkhorst

In Reasonable Taste Cover thumb

In Reasonable Taste

Columnist, author and wine writer David Biggs takes a wry look at the Good Life and the people who live it. These essays, most of which were originally published in the Good Taste magazine, aim to "prick the bubble of pretentiousness" that so often surrounds wine and wine connoisseurs.

Karoo Ramblings Cover thumb

Karoo Ramblings

This delightful book, written by journalist and daily columnist for the Cape Argus newspaper, David Biggs, takes us on a whimsical journey through the fascinating Karoo, stopping along the way to discover a little history, meet some very unusual people and share a few strange stories that may even be true. After all, how can anyone resist a place where meerkats watch soap operas on TV and sheepdogs ride on motorcycles?


Book Cover Thumb

Engineering Drawing Guide for students and professional Engineers

Currently the prescribed Engineering Drawing guide at some of South Africa's main universities, this book places emphasis on accuracy, good communication, and compliance with "ISO" standards and conventions. Numerous data and practical applications in real drawing and design situations are provided. Written by an engineer and university lecturer, the book has been constantly updated and refined over the past 10 years drawing on the feedback from other lecturers and students, resulting in a solid, practically appropriate and technically accurate guide. Highly recommended for all technology, design, engineering and architecture students.